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Represents the connection of two locations. Provides additional metadata over normal {@link Location locations}, including an origin range.

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  • origin_selection_range: Span of the origin of this link.

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@type t() :: %GenLSP.Structures.LocationLink{
  origin_selection_range: GenLSP.Structures.Range.t() | nil,
  target_range: GenLSP.Structures.Range.t(),
  target_selection_range: GenLSP.Structures.Range.t(),
  target_uri: GenLSP.BaseTypes.document_uri()

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  • origin_selection_range: Span of the origin of this link.

    Used as the underlined span for mouse interaction. Defaults to the word range at the definition position.

  • target_uri: The target resource identifier of this link.

  • target_range: The full target range of this link. If the target for example is a symbol then target range is the range enclosing this symbol not including leading/trailing whitespace but everything else like comments. This information is typically used to highlight the range in the editor.

  • target_selection_range: The range that should be selected and revealed when this link is being followed, e.g the name of a function. Must be contained by the targetRange. See also DocumentSymbol#range