View Source GenLSP.Structures.NotebookDocument (gen_lsp v0.9.0)

A notebook document.

@since 3.17.0

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  • uri: The notebook document's uri.

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@type t() :: %GenLSP.Structures.NotebookDocument{
  cells: [GenLSP.Structures.NotebookCell.t()],
  metadata: GenLSP.TypeAlias.LSPObject.t() | nil,
  notebook_type: String.t(),
  uri: GenLSP.BaseTypes.uri(),
  version: integer()

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  • uri: The notebook document's uri.

  • notebook_type: The type of the notebook.

  • version: The version number of this document (it will increase after each change, including undo/redo).

  • metadata: Additional metadata stored with the notebook document.

    Note: should always be an object literal (e.g. LSPObject)

  • cells: The cells of a notebook.