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Represents a parameter of a callable-signature. A parameter can have a label and a doc-comment.

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  • label: The label of this parameter information.

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@type t() :: %GenLSP.Structures.ParameterInformation{
  documentation: (String.t() | GenLSP.Structures.MarkupContent.t()) | nil,
  label: String.t() | {GenLSP.BaseTypes.uinteger(), GenLSP.BaseTypes.uinteger()}

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  • label: The label of this parameter information.

    Either a string or an inclusive start and exclusive end offsets within its containing signature label. (see SignatureInformation.label). The offsets are based on a UTF-16 string representation as Position and Range does.

    Note: a label of type string should be a substring of its containing signature label. Its intended use case is to highlight the parameter label part in the SignatureInformation.label.

  • documentation: The human-readable doc-comment of this parameter. Will be shown in the UI but can be omitted.