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Represents information about programming constructs like variables, classes, interfaces etc.

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  • deprecated: Indicates if this symbol is deprecated.

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@type t() :: %GenLSP.Structures.SymbolInformation{
  container_name: String.t() | nil,
  deprecated: boolean() | nil,
  kind: GenLSP.Enumerations.SymbolKind.t(),
  location: GenLSP.Structures.Location.t(),
  name: String.t(),
  tags: [GenLSP.Enumerations.SymbolTag.t()] | nil

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  • deprecated: Indicates if this symbol is deprecated.

    @deprecated Use tags instead

  • location: The location of this symbol. The location's range is used by a tool to reveal the location in the editor. If the symbol is selected in the tool the range's start information is used to position the cursor. So the range usually spans more than the actual symbol's name and does normally include things like visibility modifiers.

    The range doesn't have to denote a node range in the sense of an abstract syntax tree. It can therefore not be used to re-construct a hierarchy of the symbols.

  • name: The name of this symbol.

  • kind: The kind of this symbol.

  • tags: Tags for this symbol.

    @since 3.16.0

  • container_name: The name of the symbol containing this symbol. This information is for user interface purposes (e.g. to render a qualifier in the user interface if necessary). It can't be used to re-infer a hierarchy for the document symbols.