mix git_hooks.run (git_hooks v0.6.4) View Source

Runs all the configured mix tasks for a given git hook.

Any git hook is supported.


You can run any hook by running mix git_hooks.run hook_name. For example:

mix git_hooks.run pre_commit

You can also all the hooks which are configured with mix git_hooks.run all.

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Run options


Runs a task for a given git hook.

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run_opts() :: [include_hook_args: String.t(), env: [{String.t(), binary()}]]

Run options:

  • include_hook_args: Whether the git hook args should be sent to the command to be executed. In case of true, the args will be amended to the command. Defaults to false.

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run([String.t()]) :: :ok | no_return()

Runs a task for a given git hook.

The task can be one of three different types:

  • {:cmd, "command arg1 arg2"}: Runs a command.
  • {:file, "path_to_file"}: Runs an executable file.
  • "command arg1 arg2": Runs a simple command, supports no options.

The first two options above can use a third element in the tuple, see here more info about the options.