Gleam Cowboy! 🤠

A Gleam HTTP service adapter for the Cowboy web server.

import gleam/http/cowboy
import gleam/http.{Request, Response}
import gleam/bit_builder.{BitBuilder}

// Define a HTTP service
pub fn my_service(req: Request(BitString)) -> Response(BitBuilder) {
  let body = bit_builder.from_string("Hello, world!")

  |> http.prepend_resp_header("made-with", "Gleam")
  |> http.set_resp_body(body)

// Start it on port 3000!
pub fn start() {
  cowboy.start(my_service, on_port: 3000)


Cowboy does not support duplicate HTTP headers so any duplicates specified by the Gleam HTTP service will not be sent to the client.