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sub(pid, subscriber, topic, opts \\ [])

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sub(t(), pid(), String.t(), keyword()) ::
  {:ok, non_neg_integer()} | {:ok, String.t()} | {:error, String.t()}

Subscribe to a topic

Supported options:

  • queue_group: a string that identifies which queue group you want to join

By default each subscriber will receive a copy of every message on the topic. When a queue_group is supplied messages will be spread among the subscribers in the same group. (see nats queueing)

The subscribed process will begin receiving messages with a structure of sent_message/0

{:ok, gnat} = Gnat.start_link()
{:ok, subscription} = Gnat.sub(gnat, self(), "topic")
receive do
  {:msg, %{topic: "topic", body: body}} ->
    IO.puts "Received: #{body}"