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unsub(pid, sid, opts \\ [])

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unsub(t(), non_neg_integer() | String.t(), keyword()) :: :ok

Unsubscribe from a topic

Supported options:

  • max_messages: number of messages to be received before automatically unsubscribed

This correlates to the UNSUB command in the nats protocol. By default the unsubscribe is affected immediately, but an optional max_messages value can be provided which will allow max_messages to be received before affecting the unsubscribe. This is especially useful for request response patterns.

{:ok, gnat} = Gnat.start_link()
{:ok, subscription} = Gnat.sub(gnat, self(), "my_inbox")
:ok = Gnat.unsub(gnat, subscription)
# OR
:ok = Gnat.unsub(gnat, subscription, max_messages: 2)