View Source GoogleApi.Apigee.V1.Model.GoogleCloudApigeeV1Quota (google_api_apigee v0.38.1)

Quota contains the essential parameters needed that can be applied on the resources, methods, API source combination associated with this API product. While Quota is optional, setting it prevents requests from exceeding the provisioned parameters.


  • interval (type: String.t, default: nil) - Required. Time interval over which the number of request messages is calculated.
  • limit (type: String.t, default: nil) - Required. Upper limit allowed for the time interval and time unit specified. Requests exceeding this limit will be rejected.
  • timeUnit (type: String.t, default: nil) - Time unit defined for the interval. Valid values include minute, hour, day, or month. If limit and interval are valid, the default value is hour; otherwise, the default is null.

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Unwrap a decoded JSON object into its complex fields.

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t() :: %GoogleApi.Apigee.V1.Model.GoogleCloudApigeeV1Quota{
  interval: String.t() | nil,
  limit: String.t() | nil,
  timeUnit: String.t() | nil

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decode(struct(), keyword()) :: struct()

Unwrap a decoded JSON object into its complex fields.