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compute_zone_operations_wait(connection, project, zone, operation, optional_params \\ [], opts \\ [])

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) ::
  {:ok, GoogleApi.Compute.V1.Model.Operation.t()}
  | {:ok, Tesla.Env.t()}
  | {:ok, list()}
  | {:error, any()}

Waits for the specified Operation resource to return as DONE or for the request to approach the 2 minute deadline, and retrieves the specified Operation resource. This method differs from the GET method in that it waits for no more than the default deadline (2 minutes) and then returns the current state of the operation, which might be DONE or still in progress.

This method is called on a best-effort basis. Specifically:

  • In uncommon cases, when the server is overloaded, the request might return before the default deadline is reached, or might return after zero seconds.
  • If the default deadline is reached, there is no guarantee that the operation is actually done when the method returns. Be prepared to retry if the operation is not DONE.


  • connection (type: GoogleApi.Compute.V1.Connection.t) - Connection to server
  • project (type: String.t) - Project ID for this request.
  • zone (type: String.t) - Name of the zone for this request.
  • operation (type: String.t) - Name of the Operations resource to return.
  • optional_params (type: keyword()) - Optional parameters
    • :alt (type: String.t) - Data format for the response.
    • :fields (type: String.t) - Selector specifying which fields to include in a partial response.
    • :key (type: String.t) - API key. Your API key identifies your project and provides you with API access, quota, and reports. Required unless you provide an OAuth 2.0 token.
    • :oauth_token (type: String.t) - OAuth 2.0 token for the current user.
    • :prettyPrint (type: boolean()) - Returns response with indentations and line breaks.
    • :quotaUser (type: String.t) - An opaque string that represents a user for quota purposes. Must not exceed 40 characters.
    • :userIp (type: String.t) - Deprecated. Please use quotaUser instead.
  • opts (type: keyword()) - Call options


  • {:ok, %GoogleApi.Compute.V1.Model.Operation{}} on success
  • {:error, info} on failure