GoogleApi.Compute.V1.Model.NodeGroupMaintenanceWindow (google_api_compute v0.41.0) View Source

Time window specified for daily maintenance operations. GCE's internal maintenance will be performed within this window.


  • maintenanceDuration (type: GoogleApi.Compute.V1.Model.Duration.t, default: nil) - [Output only] A predetermined duration for the window, automatically chosen to be the smallest possible in the given scenario.
  • startTime (type: String.t, default: nil) - Start time of the window. This must be in UTC format that resolves to one of 00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00, or 20:00. For example, both 13:00-5 and 08:00 are valid.

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Unwrap a decoded JSON object into its complex fields.

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t() :: %GoogleApi.Compute.V1.Model.NodeGroupMaintenanceWindow{
  maintenanceDuration: GoogleApi.Compute.V1.Model.Duration.t() | nil,
  startTime: String.t() | nil

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decode(struct(), keyword()) :: struct()

Unwrap a decoded JSON object into its complex fields.