GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowCxV3ConversationTurnVirtualAgentOutput (google_api_dialogflow v0.66.2) View Source

The output from the virtual agent.


  • currentPage (type: GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowCxV3Page.t, default: nil) - The Page on which the utterance was spoken. Only name and displayName will be set.
  • diagnosticInfo (type: map(), default: nil) - Required. Input only. The diagnostic info output for the turn. Required to calculate the testing coverage.
  • differences (type: list(GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowCxV3TestRunDifference.t), default: nil) - Output only. If this is part of a result conversation turn, the list of differences between the original run and the replay for this output, if any.
  • sessionParameters (type: map(), default: nil) - The session parameters available to the bot at this point.
  • status (type: GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleRpcStatus.t, default: nil) - Response error from the agent in the test result. If set, other output is empty.
  • textResponses (type: list(GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowCxV3ResponseMessageText.t), default: nil) - The text responses from the agent for the turn.
  • triggeredIntent (type: GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowCxV3Intent.t, default: nil) - The Intent that triggered the response. Only name and displayName will be set.

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Unwrap a decoded JSON object into its complex fields.

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t() ::
      GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowCxV3Page.t() | nil,
    diagnosticInfo: map() | nil,
      | nil,
    sessionParameters: map() | nil,
    status: GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleRpcStatus.t() | nil,
      | nil,
      GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowCxV3Intent.t() | nil

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decode(struct(), keyword()) :: struct()

Unwrap a decoded JSON object into its complex fields.