GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowV2IntentMessage (google_api_dialogflow v0.66.2) View Source

A rich response message. Corresponds to the intent Response field in the Dialogflow console. For more information, see Rich response messages.


  • basicCard (type: GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowV2IntentMessageBasicCard.t, default: nil) - The basic card response for Actions on Google.
  • browseCarouselCard (type: GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowV2IntentMessageBrowseCarouselCard.t, default: nil) - Browse carousel card for Actions on Google.
  • card (type: GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowV2IntentMessageCard.t, default: nil) - The card response.
  • carouselSelect (type: GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowV2IntentMessageCarouselSelect.t, default: nil) - The carousel card response for Actions on Google.
  • image (type: GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowV2IntentMessageImage.t, default: nil) - The image response.
  • linkOutSuggestion (type: GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowV2IntentMessageLinkOutSuggestion.t, default: nil) - The link out suggestion chip for Actions on Google.
  • listSelect (type: GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowV2IntentMessageListSelect.t, default: nil) - The list card response for Actions on Google.
  • mediaContent (type: GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowV2IntentMessageMediaContent.t, default: nil) - The media content card for Actions on Google.
  • payload (type: map(), default: nil) - A custom platform-specific response.
  • platform (type: String.t, default: nil) - Optional. The platform that this message is intended for.
  • quickReplies (type: GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowV2IntentMessageQuickReplies.t, default: nil) - The quick replies response.
  • simpleResponses (type: GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowV2IntentMessageSimpleResponses.t, default: nil) - The voice and text-only responses for Actions on Google.
  • suggestions (type: GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowV2IntentMessageSuggestions.t, default: nil) - The suggestion chips for Actions on Google.
  • tableCard (type: GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowV2IntentMessageTableCard.t, default: nil) - Table card for Actions on Google.
  • text (type: GoogleApi.Dialogflow.V2.Model.GoogleCloudDialogflowV2IntentMessageText.t, default: nil) - The text response.

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Unwrap a decoded JSON object into its complex fields.

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decode(struct(), keyword()) :: struct()

Unwrap a decoded JSON object into its complex fields.