GoogleApi.DLP.V2.Model.GooglePrivacyDlpV2FieldTransformation (google_api_dlp v0.41.1) View Source

The transformation to apply to the field.


  • condition (type: GoogleApi.DLP.V2.Model.GooglePrivacyDlpV2RecordCondition.t, default: nil) - Only apply the transformation if the condition evaluates to true for the given RecordCondition. The conditions are allowed to reference fields that are not used in the actual transformation. Example Use Cases: - Apply a different bucket transformation to an age column if the zip code column for the same record is within a specific range. - Redact a field if the date of birth field is greater than 85.
  • fields (type: list(GoogleApi.DLP.V2.Model.GooglePrivacyDlpV2FieldId.t), default: nil) - Required. Input field(s) to apply the transformation to. When you have columns that reference their position within a list, omit the index from the FieldId. FieldId name matching ignores the index. For example, instead of "contact.nums[0].type", use "contact.nums.type".
  • infoTypeTransformations (type: GoogleApi.DLP.V2.Model.GooglePrivacyDlpV2InfoTypeTransformations.t, default: nil) - Treat the contents of the field as free text, and selectively transform content that matches an InfoType.
  • primitiveTransformation (type: GoogleApi.DLP.V2.Model.GooglePrivacyDlpV2PrimitiveTransformation.t, default: nil) - Apply the transformation to the entire field.

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Unwrap a decoded JSON object into its complex fields.

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t() :: %GoogleApi.DLP.V2.Model.GooglePrivacyDlpV2FieldTransformation{
  condition: GoogleApi.DLP.V2.Model.GooglePrivacyDlpV2RecordCondition.t() | nil,
  fields: [GoogleApi.DLP.V2.Model.GooglePrivacyDlpV2FieldId.t()] | nil,
    GoogleApi.DLP.V2.Model.GooglePrivacyDlpV2InfoTypeTransformations.t() | nil,
    GoogleApi.DLP.V2.Model.GooglePrivacyDlpV2PrimitiveTransformation.t() | nil

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decode(struct(), keyword()) :: struct()

Unwrap a decoded JSON object into its complex fields.