View Source GoogleApi.DocumentAI.V1beta3.Model.GoogleCloudDocumentaiV1beta3DocumentEntityNormalizedValue (google_api_document_ai v0.33.0)

Parsed and normalized entity value.


  • addressValue (type: GoogleApi.DocumentAI.V1beta3.Model.GoogleTypePostalAddress.t, default: nil) - Postal address. See also:
  • booleanValue (type: boolean(), default: nil) - Boolean value. Can be used for entities with binary values, or for checkboxes.
  • dateValue (type: GoogleApi.DocumentAI.V1beta3.Model.GoogleTypeDate.t, default: nil) - Date value. Includes year, month, day. See also:
  • datetimeValue (type: GoogleApi.DocumentAI.V1beta3.Model.GoogleTypeDateTime.t, default: nil) - DateTime value. Includes date, time, and timezone. See also:
  • floatValue (type: number(), default: nil) - Float value.
  • integerValue (type: integer(), default: nil) - Integer value.
  • moneyValue (type: GoogleApi.DocumentAI.V1beta3.Model.GoogleTypeMoney.t, default: nil) - Money value. See also:
  • text (type: String.t, default: nil) - Optional. An optional field to store a normalized string. For some entity types, one of respective structured_value fields may also be populated. Also not all the types of structured_value will be normalized. For example, some processors may not generate float or int normalized text by default. Below are sample formats mapped to structured values. - Money/Currency type (money_value) is in the ISO 4217 text format. - Date type (date_value) is in the ISO 8601 text format. - Datetime type (datetime_value) is in the ISO 8601 text format.

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Unwrap a decoded JSON object into its complex fields.

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t() ::
      GoogleApi.DocumentAI.V1beta3.Model.GoogleTypePostalAddress.t() | nil,
    booleanValue: boolean() | nil,
    dateValue: GoogleApi.DocumentAI.V1beta3.Model.GoogleTypeDate.t() | nil,
      GoogleApi.DocumentAI.V1beta3.Model.GoogleTypeDateTime.t() | nil,
    floatValue: number() | nil,
    integerValue: integer() | nil,
    moneyValue: GoogleApi.DocumentAI.V1beta3.Model.GoogleTypeMoney.t() | nil,
    text: String.t() | nil

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decode(struct(), keyword()) :: struct()

Unwrap a decoded JSON object into its complex fields.