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logging_folders_sinks_patch(connection, folders_id, sinks_id, optional_params \\ [], opts \\ [])

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) ::
  {:ok, GoogleApi.Logging.V2.Model.LogSink.t()}
  | {:ok, Tesla.Env.t()}
  | {:ok, list()}
  | {:error, any()}

Updates a sink. This method replaces the following fields in the existing sink with values from the new sink: destination, and filter.The updated sink might also have a new writer_identity; see the unique_writer_identity field.


  • connection (type: GoogleApi.Logging.V2.Connection.t) - Connection to server
  • folders_id (type: String.t) - Part of sinkName. Required. The full resource name of the sink to update, including the parent resource and the sink identifier: "projects/[PROJECT_ID]/sinks/[SINK_ID]" "organizations/[ORGANIZATION_ID]/sinks/[SINK_ID]" "billingAccounts/[BILLING_ACCOUNT_ID]/sinks/[SINK_ID]" "folders/[FOLDER_ID]/sinks/[SINK_ID]" Example: "projects/my-project-id/sinks/my-sink-id".
  • sinks_id (type: String.t) - Part of sinkName. See documentation of foldersId.
  • optional_params (type: keyword()) - Optional parameters
    • :"$.xgafv" (type: String.t) - V1 error format.
    • :access_token (type: String.t) - OAuth access token.
    • :alt (type: String.t) - Data format for response.
    • :callback (type: String.t) - JSONP
    • :fields (type: String.t) - Selector specifying which fields to include in a partial response.
    • :key (type: String.t) - API key. Your API key identifies your project and provides you with API access, quota, and reports. Required unless you provide an OAuth 2.0 token.
    • :oauth_token (type: String.t) - OAuth 2.0 token for the current user.
    • :prettyPrint (type: boolean()) - Returns response with indentations and line breaks.
    • :quotaUser (type: String.t) - Available to use for quota purposes for server-side applications. Can be any arbitrary string assigned to a user, but should not exceed 40 characters.
    • :uploadType (type: String.t) - Legacy upload protocol for media (e.g. "media", "multipart").
    • :upload_protocol (type: String.t) - Upload protocol for media (e.g. "raw", "multipart").
    • :uniqueWriterIdentity (type: boolean()) - Optional. See sinks.create for a description of this field. When updating a sink, the effect of this field on the value of writer_identity in the updated sink depends on both the old and new values of this field: If the old and new values of this field are both false or both true, then there is no change to the sink's writer_identity. If the old value is false and the new value is true, then writer_identity is changed to a unique service account. It is an error if the old value is true and the new value is set to false or defaulted to false.
    • :updateMask (type: String.t) - Optional. Field mask that specifies the fields in sink that need an update. A sink field will be overwritten if, and only if, it is in the update mask. name and output only fields cannot be updated.An empty updateMask is temporarily treated as using the following mask for backwards compatibility purposes: destination,filter,includeChildren At some point in the future, behavior will be removed and specifying an empty updateMask will be an error.For a detailed FieldMask definition, see updateMask=filter.
    • :body (type: GoogleApi.Logging.V2.Model.LogSink.t) -
  • opts (type: keyword()) - Call options


  • {:ok, %GoogleApi.Logging.V2.Model.LogSink{}} on success
  • {:error, info} on failure