GoogleApi.ServiceControl.V1.Model.ReportRequest (google_api_service_control v0.37.2) View Source

Request message for the Report method.


  • operations (type: list(GoogleApi.ServiceControl.V1.Model.Operation.t), default: nil) - Operations to be reported. Typically the service should report one operation per request. Putting multiple operations into a single request is allowed, but should be used only when multiple operations are natually available at the time of the report. There is no limit on the number of operations in the same ReportRequest, however the ReportRequest size should be no larger than 1MB. See ReportResponse.report_errors for partial failure behavior.
  • serviceConfigId (type: String.t, default: nil) - Specifies which version of service config should be used to process the request. If unspecified or no matching version can be found, the latest one will be used.

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Unwrap a decoded JSON object into its complex fields.

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t() :: %GoogleApi.ServiceControl.V1.Model.ReportRequest{
  operations: [GoogleApi.ServiceControl.V1.Model.Operation.t()] | nil,
  serviceConfigId: String.t() | nil

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decode(struct(), keyword()) :: struct()

Unwrap a decoded JSON object into its complex fields.