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storagetransfer_transfer_operations_list(connection, name, filter, optional_params \\ [], opts \\ [])

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) ::
  {:ok, GoogleApi.StorageTransfer.V1.Model.ListOperationsResponse.t()}
  | {:ok, Tesla.Env.t()}
  | {:ok, list()}
  | {:error, any()}

Lists transfer operations. Operations are ordered by their creation time in reverse chronological order.


  • connection (type: GoogleApi.StorageTransfer.V1.Connection.t) - Connection to server
  • name (type: String.t) - Not used.
  • filter (type: String.t) - Required. A list of query parameters specified as JSON text in the form of: {"projectId":"my_project_id", "jobNames":["jobid1","jobid2",...], "operationNames":["opid1","opid2",...], "transferStatuses":["status1","status2",...]} Since jobNames, operationNames, and transferStatuses support multiple values, they must be specified with array notation. projectId is required. jobNames, operationNames, and transferStatuses are optional. The valid values for transferStatuses are case-insensitive: IN_PROGRESS, PAUSED, SUCCESS, FAILED, and ABORTED.
  • optional_params (type: keyword()) - Optional parameters
    • :"$.xgafv" (type: String.t) - V1 error format.
    • :access_token (type: String.t) - OAuth access token.
    • :alt (type: String.t) - Data format for response.
    • :callback (type: String.t) - JSONP
    • :fields (type: String.t) - Selector specifying which fields to include in a partial response.
    • :key (type: String.t) - API key. Your API key identifies your project and provides you with API access, quota, and reports. Required unless you provide an OAuth 2.0 token.
    • :oauth_token (type: String.t) - OAuth 2.0 token for the current user.
    • :prettyPrint (type: boolean()) - Returns response with indentations and line breaks.
    • :quotaUser (type: String.t) - Available to use for quota purposes for server-side applications. Can be any arbitrary string assigned to a user, but should not exceed 40 characters.
    • :uploadType (type: String.t) - Legacy upload protocol for media (e.g. "media", "multipart").
    • :upload_protocol (type: String.t) - Upload protocol for media (e.g. "raw", "multipart").
    • :pageSize (type: integer()) - The list page size. The max allowed value is 256.
    • :pageToken (type: String.t) - The list page token.
  • opts (type: keyword()) - Call options


  • {:ok, %GoogleApi.StorageTransfer.V1.Model.ListOperationsResponse{}} on success
  • {:error, info} on failure