View Source GrpcReflection.Server (grpc_reflection v0.1.4)

A grpc reflection server supports a specific iteration of the reflection protocol

All versions currently "support" file descriptors by having an encoded proto2 payload as an array of bytes


The originally proposed specification. This was around long enough that it has some application support


The current spec for reflection support within GRPC.



@type descriptor_t() ::
    __unknown_fields__: term(),
    enum_type: term(),
    extension: term(),
    extension_range: term(),
    field: term(),
    name: term(),
    nested_type: term(),
    oneof_decl: term(),
    options: term(),
    reserved_name: term(),
    reserved_range: term()
  | %Google.Protobuf.ServiceDescriptorProto{
      __unknown_fields__: term(),
      method: term(),
      name: term(),
      options: term()