GSMLG.Whois.Server (GSMLG.Whois v0.2.1)

Define whois server address. Find whois server of Domain, IP or AS.

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@type t() :: %GSMLG.Whois.Server{host: String.t()}

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@spec for_asn16(String.t() | Integer.t()) :: {:ok, t()} | :error
@spec for_asn32(String.t() | Integer.t()) :: {:ok, t()} | :error
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@spec for_domain(String.t()) :: {:ok, t()} | :error
@spec for_ip(String.t()) :: {:ok, t()} | :error
@spec for_ipv4(String.t()) :: {:ok, t()} | :error
@spec for_ipv6(String.t()) :: {:ok, t()} | :error