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register(registry, name, value)

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  registry :: Registry.registry(),
  name :: Registry.key(),
  value :: Registry.value()
) :: {:ok, pid()} | {:error, {:already_registered, pid()}}

Register a process under the given name. See Registry.register/3.

When 2 clustered registries register the same name at exactly the same time, it will seem like name registration succeeds for both registries. The function returns {:ok, pid} for both of these calls.

However, due to the eventually consistent nature of the CRDT, conflict resolution will take place, and the CRDT will pick one of the two processes as the "winner" of the name. The losing process will be sent an exit signal (using Process.exit/2) with the following reason:

{:name_conflict, {name, value}, registry_name, winning_pid}

When two registries are joined using Horde.Cluster.set_members/2, this name conflict message can also occur.

When a cluster is recovering from a netsplit, this name conflict message can also occur.