View Source HTS221.Calibration (hts221 v1.0.0)

The calibration for the HTS221

Each HTS221 is calibrated at the factory and has an unique calibration. The calibration is used to calculate the temperature and humidity values that are stored in the registers as those values are raw ADC values.

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t() :: %HTS221.Calibration{
  h0_rh_x2: byte(),
  h0_t0_out: HTS221.s16(),
  h1_rh_x2: byte(),
  h1_t0_out: HTS221.s16(),
  t0_degc_x8: byte(),
  t0_msb: byte(),
  t0_out: HTS221.s16(),
  t1_degc_x8: byte(),
  t1_msb: byte(),
  t1_out: HTS221.s16()

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