Hackney Adapter for HTTPipe

This package is an adapter for HTTPipe that provides basic functionality using Hackney.


First, add the adapter to your mix.exs dependencies.

def deps do
    {:httpipe_adapters_hackney, "~> 0.9"},
    {:httpipe, "~> 0.9}

If you wish to use Hackney as your primary adapter, you should also set it as such in your config/config.exs (or other relevant config file):

config :httpipe, :adapter, HTTPipe.Adapters.Hackney

You can also choose to use the Hackney adapter on a per-connection basis:

conn =
  |> HTTPipe.Conn.put_adapter(HTTPipe.Adapters.Hackney)

Adapter Options

Any adapter options you set will be passed directly to Hackney’s request/5 method. For example, to use the default pool started by Hackney:

conn =
  |> HTTPipe.Conn.put_adapter_options([pool: :default])

Copyright (c) 2016 David Antaramian

Licensed under the ISC License