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Elixir bindings for the human-name crate implemented as a safe Rust NIF.



This package can be installed by adding human_name to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:human_name, "~> 0.2.2"}

By default you do not need Rust installed because the lib will try to download a precompiled NIF file.

In case you want to force compilation set the HUMAN_NAME_BUILD environment variable to true or 1.

To run tests locally, you could do a HUMAN_NAME_BUILD=1 mix test.

Alternatively you can also set the application env :build_from_source to true in order to force the build:

config :human_name, HumanName, build_from_source: true



iex> HumanName.first_name("Dr. Alibaster Cornelius Juniper III")
{:ok, "Alibaster"}

iex> HumanName.initials("Dr. Alibaster Cornelius Juniper III")
{:ok, "AJ"}

iex> HumanName.last_name("Dr. Alibaster Cornelius Juniper III")
{:ok, "Juniper"}

iex> HumanName.normalize("Dr. Alibaster Cornelius Juniper III")
{:ok, "Alibaster Juniper"}

iex> HumanName.normalize_full("JIMMY H JENKINS")
{:ok, "Jimmy H. Jenkins"}



MIT License

See the license file for details.