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This module defines an ICON 2.0 event log entry.

Events are emitted by SCORE contracts and are useful for tracking changes in the contract e.g. an event entry for transfering a token from one EOA address to another:

  "scoreAddress": "cxb0776ee37f5b45bfaea8cff1d8232fbb6122ec32",
  "indexed": [
  "data": [


  • Transfer(Address,Address,int) indicates the name of the event and the types of the parameters it received.
  • indexed is a list of indexed parameters we can use for searching the event we want faster.
  • data is a list of the non-indexed parameters.

The type defined in this module, can load events using the Elixir types instead of the ICON types e.g. for the previous example, we would have the following:

  header: "Transfer(Address,Address,int)",
  name: "Transfer",
  score_address: "cxb0776ee37f5b45bfaea8cff1d8232fbb6122ec32",
  indexed: [
  data: [

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An event log.

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@type t() :: %Icon.Schema.Types.EventLog{
  data: [any()],
  header: binary(),
  height: term(),
  indexed: [any()],
  name: binary(),
  score_address: Icon.Schema.Types.SCORE.t()

An event log.

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An event log.