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This module defines a transaction result.

A transaction result has the following keys:

blockHashIcon.Schema.Types.Hash.t()Hash of the block that includes the transaction.
blockHeightIcon.Schema.Types.Integer.t()Height of the block that includes the transaction.
cumulativeStepUsedIcon.Schema.Types.Loop.t()Sum of stepUsed by this transaction and all preceding transactions in the same block.
eventLogsList of Icon.Schema.Types.EventLog.t()List of events generated by the transaction.
failureIcon.Schema.Error.t()If the status is :failure, this key will have the fauilure details.
logsBloomIcon.Schema.Types.BinaryData.t()Bloom filter to quickly retrieve related event logs.
scoreAddressIcon.Schema.Types.SCORE.t()SCORE address if the transaction created a new SCORE.
statusIcon.Schema.Types.Transaction.Status.t()Whether the transaction succeeded or not.
stepPriceIcon.Schema.Types.Loop.t()The step price used by this transaction.
stepUsedIcon.Schema.Types.Loop.t()The amount of step used by this transaction.
toIcon.Schema.Types.Address.t()Recipient address of the transaction.
txHashIcon.Schema.Types.Hash.t()Transaction hash.
txIndexIcon.Schema.Types.Integer.t()Transaction index in the block.

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@type t() :: %Icon.Schema.Types.Transaction.Result{
  blockHash: term(),
  blockHeight: term(),
  cumulativeStepUsed: term(),
  eventLogs: term(),
  failure: term(),
  logsBloom: term(),
  scoreAddress: term(),
  status: term(),
  stepPrice: term(),
  stepUsed: term(),
  to: term(),
  txHash: term(),
  txIndex: term()