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This module defines a transaction.

A transaction has the following keys:

blockHashIcon.Schema.Types.Hash.t()Hash of the block that includes the transaction.
blockHeightIcon.Schema.Types.Integer.t()Height of the block that includes the transaction.
dataDepends on dataType.Data of the transaction.
dataTypeEither message, :call, :deploy or :depositData type of the transaction.
fromIcon.Schema.Types.EOA.t()EOA address that sent the transaction.
nidIcon.Schema.Types.Integer.t()Network ID (see Icon.RPC.Identity for more information).
nonceIcon.Schema.Types.Integer.t()An arbitrary number used to prevent transaction hash collision.
signatureIcon.Schema.Types.Signature.t()Signature of the transaction.
stepLimitIcon.Schema.Types.Loop.t()Maximum step allowance that can be used by the transaction.
timestampIcon.Schema.Types.Timestamp.t()Transaction creation time. Timestamp is in microsecond.
toIcon.Schema.Types.Address.t()EOA address to receive coins, or SCORE address to execute the transaction.
txHashIcon.Schema.Types.Hash.t()Transaction hash.
txIndexIcon.Schema.Types.Integer.t()Transaction index in a block. nil when it is pending.
valueIcon.Schema.Types.Loop.t()Amount of ICX coins in loop to transfer. When omitted, assumes 0. (1 ICX = 1¹⁸ loop).
versionIcon.Schema.Types.Integer.t()Protocol version.

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@type t() :: %Icon.Schema.Types.Transaction{
  blockHash: term(),
  blockHeight: term(),
  data: term(),
  dataType: term(),
  from: term(),
  nid: term(),
  nonce: term(),
  signature: term(),
  stepLimit: term(),
  timestamp: term(),
  to: term(),
  txHash: term(),
  txIndex: term(),
  value: term(),
  version: term()