Iconify for Phoenix

Phoenix Component generator for the SVG of 100,000+ icons from 100+ icon sets from https://icon-sets.iconify.design

Only generates a component on-the-fly when a particular icon is first included in a view or component.


def deps do
    {:iconify_ex, "~> 0.0.1"}

You then need to fetch the latest iconify icon sets by running:

cd deps/iconify_ex/assets && yarn


First add import Iconify in your Phoenix or LiveView module where you want to use it (or just once in the macros in your Web module).

Embed an icon using default classes:

<.iconify icon="heroicons-solid:collection">

Specifying classes:

<.iconify icon="heroicons-solid:collection" class="w-8 h-8 text-base-content" />