InfluxEx.HTTP.Request (influx_ex v0.2.0)

A request to InfluxDB

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@type headers() :: [{binary(), binary()}]
@type method() :: :get | :post | :delete
@type opt() ::
  {:payload, term()}
  | {:method, method()}
  | {:query_params, map()}
  | {:handler, request_handler()}
@type payload() :: binary() | map()
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@type request_handler() ::
  (InfluxEx.HTTP.Response.t() -> term() | {:error, InfluxEx.GenericError.t()})
@type t() :: %InfluxEx.HTTP.Request{
  endpoint: binary(),
  handler: request_handler() | nil,
  method: method(),
  payload: payload() | nil,
  query_params: map()
@type url() :: binary()

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new(endpoint, opts \\ [])

@spec new(binary(), [opt()]) :: t()

Make a new Request.t()

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run(request, client)