Islands.Tally (Islands Tally v0.1.13) View Source

Creates a tally struct for the Game of Islands.

Inspired by the book Functional Web Development by Lance Halvorsen.
Also inspired by the course Elixir for Programmers by Dave Thomas.

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t() :: %Islands.Tally{
  board: Islands.Board.t(),
  board_score: Islands.Score.t(),
  game_state: Islands.State.game_state(),
  guesses: Islands.Guesses.t(),
  guesses_score: Islands.Score.t(),
  player1_state: Islands.State.player_state(),
  player2_state: Islands.State.player_state(),
  request: Islands.Request.t(),
  response: Islands.Response.t()

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new(Islands.Game.t(), Islands.PlayerID.t()) :: t() | {:error, atom()}