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parse(labels, log_func \\ &no_log_result/1)

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this parses will parse the rekognition result

(1) first by filtering out results above a threshold - here we default to 90% (2) then by pulling out just the label name and confidence fields

The results should look like this:


%{match: 99.46314239501953, name: "Outdoors"},
%{match: 99.45779418945313, name: "Nature"},
%{match: 99.23141479492188, name: "Scenery"},
%{match: 98.38043212890625, name: "Green"},
%{match: 97.57438659667969, name: "Landscape"},
%{match: 91.14559936523438, name: "Land"}


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parse_labels_for_name(labels, filter \\ 90)

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parse_top(labels, log_func \\ &no_log_result/1)

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