Kaffe v1.19.0 API Reference


An opinionated, highly specific, Elixir wrapper around brod: the Erlang Kafka client. :coffee

Consume messages from Kafka and pass to a given local module.

Running state for the consumer.

This is the main process for bootstrapping the full supervision tree to consume a Kafka topic via a subscriber/worker combo per topic per partition as part of a consumer group.

The running state of the consumer group manager.

Note: The brod_group_member behavior is used.

The top-level supervisor for consumer group members.

The producer pulls in values from the Kaffe producer configuration

Consume messages from a single partition of a single Kafka topic.

A worker receives messages for a single topic for a single partition.

Manage topic/partition-to-worker assignments. Subscribers get workers from here.

Supervise the individual workers.