KafkaEx.Protocol.Produce.Request (kafka_ex v0.12.1) View Source

  • required_acks: indicates how many acknowledgements the servers should receive before responding to the request. If it is 0 the server will not send any response (this is the only case where the server will not reply to a request). If it is 1, the server will wait the data is written to the local log before sending a response. If it is -1 the server will block until the message is committed by all in sync replicas before sending a response. For any number > 1 the server will block waiting for this number of acknowledgements to occur (but the server will never wait for more acknowledgements than there are in-sync replicas), default is 0
  • timeout: provides a maximum time in milliseconds the server can await the receipt of the number of acknowledgements in RequiredAcks, default is 100 milliseconds

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t() :: %KafkaEx.Protocol.Produce.Request{
  api_version: integer(),
  compression: atom(),
  messages: list(),
  partition: integer() | nil,
  required_acks: integer(),
  timeout: integer(),
  topic: binary()