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load_archive(binary(), solr_url()) :: :ok | {:error, Hui.Error.t()}

Load all TSV data from the archive into Solr for a Lastfm user.

The function finds TSV files from the archive and sends them to Solr for ingestion one at a time. It uses Hui client to interact with Solr and the Hui.URL.t/0 struct for Solr endpoint specification.


  # define a Solr endpoint with %Hui.URL{} struct
  headers = [{"Content-type", "application/json"}]
  url = %Hui.URL{url: "http://localhost:8983/solr/lastfm_archive", handler: "update", headers: headers}

  LastfmArchive.load_archive("a_lastfm_user", url)

TSV files must be pre-created before the loading - see transform_archive/2.