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When you use LiveProps.LiveComponent in your Phoenix LiveComponent, all of the functionality in LiveProps.Props and LiveProps.States will be imported.


defmodule ButtonComponent do
  use Phoenix.LiveComponent
  use LiveProps.LiveComponent

  prop :class, :string, default: "button"
  prop :text, :string, default: "Click me"
  prop :on_click, :string, default: "click_button"

  def render(assigns) do
    <button class="<%= @button %>"
            phx-click="<%= @on_click %>">
      <%= @text %>

In this example we define three props that will be automatically assigned default values, so you don't have to define your own mount or update callbacks to do it yourself.

More examples can be found in the LiveProps documentation.

Component Lifecycle

A Phoenix LiveComponent defines several callbacks, such as mount/1, preload/1, and update/2. LiveProps injects these callbacks under the hood so you don't have to (but you can if you want).

If you do not define your own callbacks, the injected ones will be executed as follows:

    mount/1             --->    update/2
(default and computed          (default and computed props
  states assigned)               merged/assigned)

States and props will always be assigned in the order defined.

If you do define a mount or update callback, they will be run after the associated callback injected by LiveProps. In other words, in your mount/1 callback, default and calculated states will already be assigned to the socket. In your update/2 callback, default and computed props will have been assigned too.

If you define a c.Phoenix.LiveComponent.preload/1 callback, which takes a list of assigns, default and computed props will be available in all assigns.


If you try to pass a value to a LiveProps.LiveComponent and it has been declared in that component as a state, it will be ignored. (i.e. will not be assigned to the socket). State is meant only to be set within the socket or using LiveProps.States.send_state/3 from a LiveView or another componenet. (You must use LiveProps.States.send_state/3 rather than Phoenix.LiveView.send_update/2)