LiveViewNative.Extensions.Render (live_view_native v0.0.4)

LiveView Native extension for swapping the render/1 function when rendering for specific platforms from a LiveView or Live Component. Using this macro causes a module to inherit a render_native/1 function which takes a map of assigns and calls render/1 on the render module for the calling platform as defined by the LiveViewNativePlatform.Context struct set to the :native assign. The module where that platform-specific render/1 function lives is derived by concatenating the LiveView or LiveComponent's module name with the platform context struct's template_namespace and should be automatically generated from a LiveView or Live Component that uses LiveViewNative.LiveView or LiveViewNative.LiveComponent respectively.

This extension effectively allows a native-enabled LiveView or Live Component to support a distinct render context for each platform, allowing for platform-specific templates, modifiers, etc.