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This is main api of library.

To start simple call iex> LocationSimulator.start()

Or start with your config iex> config = LocationSimulator.default_config() iex> config = Map.put(config, :worker, 1) iex> LocationSimulator.start(config)

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Get default config of library.

Start with default config.

Start with config.

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@spec default_config() :: map()

Get default config of library.

@spec start() :: :ok

Start with default config.

In this case, library just uses Logger to log data in every event.

@spec start(%{:worker => non_neg_integer(), optional(any()) => any()}) :: :ok

Start with config.

The config is a map type.

Config has info like:

    worker: 3,  # number of worker will run
    event: 100, # number of GPS events will be trigger for a worker
    interval: 1000, # this & random_range used for sleep between GPS events, if value is :infinity worker will run forever (you still stop by return {:stop, reason})
    random_range: 0, # 0 mean no random, other positive will be used for generate extra random sleep time
    callback: MyCallbackModule # your module will handle data

:id is reserved for worker's id.

If you need pass your data to callback module you can add that in the config.

The config can be change after every event.