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An Ecto-based DataProvider implementation for the Lti_1p3 library.


The package can be installed by adding lti_1p3_ecto_provider to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:lti_1p3_ecto_provider, "~> 0.1.0"}

Documentation can be found at

Getting Started

To configure the Lti_1p3 library to use this provider, set the following provider in config/config.ex:

use Mix.Config

# ... existing config

config :lti_1p3,
  # ...
  provider: Lti_1p3.DataProviders.EctoProvider
  ecto_provider: [
    repo: MyApp.Repo

# ... import_config


You will need to create a migration file to build the required tables for ecto. Please refer to the example migrations in priv/repo/migrations. If using custom schemas, you will need to tweak these accordingly.

Custom Schemas

You can specify a custom schema for any of the ecto schemas. This is useful if you wish to add fields or use your own existing schemas. Any custom schema used must have the same fields and types as schema it is replacing. Please refer to the default schemas in lib/data_providers/ecto_provider as a starting point or example of required fields. To specify a custom schema, set the following for any schema in config/config.ex:

config :lti_1p3,
  ecto_provider: [
    # ...
    schemas: [
      registration: MyApp.DataProviders.EctoProvider.CustomRegistration,
      platform_instance: MyApp.DataProviders.EctoProvider.CustomPlatformInstance,
      login_hint: MyApp.DataProviders.EctoProvider.CustomLoginHint,
      nonce: MyApp.DataProviders.EctoProvider.CustomNonce,
      jwk: MyApp.DataProviders.EctoProvider.CustomJwk,
      deployment: MyApp.DataProviders.EctoProvider.CustomDeployment,
      platform_role: MyApp.DataProviders.EctoProvider.CustomPlatformRole,
      context_role: MyApp.DataProviders.EctoProvider.CustomContextRole,