View Source Luminous.Query.Result (luminous v1.3.3)

A query Result wraps a columnar data frame with multiple variables. attrs is a map where keys are variable labels (as specified in the query's select statement) and values are keyword lists with visualization properties for the corresponding DataSet. See for details.

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This function can be called in the following ways

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@type label() :: atom() | binary()
@type point() :: {label(), value()}
@type row() :: [point()] | map()
@type t() :: %Luminous.Query.Result{
  attrs: %{required(binary()) => Luminous.Query.Attributes.t()},
  rows: row()
@type value() :: number() | Decimal.t() | binary() | nil

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@spec new([row()] | row() | point() | value(), Keyword.t()) :: t()

This function can be called in the following ways:

  • with a list of rows, i.e. a list of lists containing 2-tuples {label, value}
  • with a single row, i.e. a list of 2-tuples of the form {label, value} (e.g. in the case of single- or multi- stats)
  • with a single value (for use in a single-valued stat panel with no label)