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get_email_content_match(connection, email_id, content_match_options, opts \\ [])


Get email content regex pattern match results. Runs regex against email body and returns match groups. Return the matches for a given Java style regex pattern. Do not include the typical / at start or end of regex in some languages. Given an example your code is: 12345 the pattern to extract match looks like code is: (\d{6}). This will return an array of matches with the first matching the entire pattern and the subsequent matching the groups: ['code is: 123456', '123456'] See for more information of available patterns.


  • connection (MailSlurpAPI.Connection): Connection to server
  • email_id (String.t): ID of email to match against
  • content_match_options (ContentMatchOptions): contentMatchOptions
  • opts (KeywordList): [optional] Optional parameters


} on success {:error, info} on failure