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get_organization_inboxes(connection, opts \\ [])


get_organization_inboxes(Tesla.Env.client(), keyword()) ::
  {:ok, MailSlurpAPI.Model.PageOrganizationInboxProjection.t()}
  | {:error, Tesla.Env.t()}

List Organization Inboxes Paginated List organization inboxes in paginated form. These are inboxes created with allowTeamAccess flag enabled. Organization inboxes are readOnly for non-admin users. The results are available on the content property of the returned object. This method allows for page index (zero based), page size (how many results to return), and a sort direction (based on createdAt time).


  • connection (MailSlurpAPI.Connection): Connection to server
  • opts (KeywordList): [optional] Optional parameters
    • :page (integer()): Optional page index in inbox list pagination
    • :size (integer()): Optional page size in inbox list pagination
    • :sort (String.t): Optional createdAt sort direction ASC or DESC


} on success {:error, info} on failure