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wait_for_email_count(connection, opts \\ [])


wait_for_email_count(Tesla.Env.client(), keyword()) ::
  {:ok, [MailSlurpAPI.Model.EmailPreview.t()]} | {:error, Tesla.Env.t()}

Wait for and return count number of emails If inbox contains count or more emails at time of request then return count worth of emails. If not wait until the count is reached and return those or return an error if timeout is exceeded.


  • connection (MailSlurpAPI.Connection): Connection to server
  • opts (KeywordList): [optional] Optional parameters
    • :count (integer()): Number of emails to wait for. Must be greater that 1
    • :inbox_id (String.t): Id of the inbox we are fetching emails from
    • :timeout (integer()): Max milliseconds to wait
    • :unread_only (boolean()): Optional filter for unread only


, ...]} on success {:error, info} on failure