View Source Membrane.Bin.PadData (Membrane Core v0.11.2)

Struct describing current pad state.

The public fields are:

Other fields in the struct ARE NOT PART OF THE PUBLIC API and should not be accessed or relied on.

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@type private_field() :: term()
@type t() :: %Membrane.Bin.PadData{
  availability: Membrane.Pad.availability_t(),
  demand_unit: private_field(),
  direction: Membrane.Pad.direction_t(),
  endpoint: private_field(),
  link_id: private_field(),
  linked?: private_field(),
  mode: Membrane.Pad.mode_t(),
  name: Membrane.Pad.name_t(),
  options: Membrane.ChildrenSpec.pad_options_t(),
  ref: Membrane.Pad.ref_t(),
  response_received?: private_field(),
  spec_ref: private_field()