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This package contains muxer and demuxer for FLV format. Currently it only supports AAC audio and H264 video

It is part of Membrane Multimedia Framework.



The package can be installed by adding membrane_flv_plugin to your list of dependencies in mix.exs.

def deps do
	{:membrane_flv_plugin, "~> 0.3.0"}



For usage examples, checkout examples folder

Available examples:

  • examples/demuxer.exs - a demonstaration of demuxing an FLV file. To run it, simply run elixir examples/demuxer.exs. It should generate audio.aac and video.aac extracted from the container. This examples relies on an FLV file that is part of the repository. If you cloned the repository - it should work without any modifications.
  • examples/muxer.exs - demonstration of muxing AAC and H264 to an FLV file. To run the example, run elixir examples/muxer.exs. It should generate output.flv file containing the contents of both of the source files.

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