View Source Membrane.HTTPAdaptiveStream.Manifest.Track.Config (Membrane HTTP Adaptive Stream plugin v0.8.0)

Track configuration.

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Track configuration consists of the following fields

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@type t() :: %Membrane.HTTPAdaptiveStream.Manifest.Track.Config{
  content_type: :audio | :video,
  header_extension: String.t(),
  id: Membrane.HTTPAdaptiveStream.Manifest.Track.id_t(),
  persist?: boolean(),
  segment_extension: String.t(),
  target_segment_duration: Membrane.Time.t() | Ratio.t(),
  target_window_duration: Membrane.Time.t() | Ratio.t(),
  track_name: String.t()

Track configuration consists of the following fields:

  • id - identifies the track, will be serialized and attached to names of manifests, headers and segments
  • content_type - either audio or video
  • header_extension - extension of the header file (for example .mp4 for CMAF)
  • segment_extension - extension of the segment files (for example .m4s for CMAF)
  • target_segment_duration - expected duration of each segment
  • target_window_duration - track manifest duration is kept above that time, while the oldest segments
          are removed whenever possible
  • persist? - determines whether the entire track contents should be available after the streaming finishes