View Source Membrane.HTTPAdaptiveStream.Storages.GenServerStorage (Membrane HTTP Adaptive Stream plugin v0.8.0)

Membrane.HTTPAdaptiveStream.Storage implementation that issues a call or cast with a message_t/0 to given destination on each call to store/remove.

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@type message_t() :: store_t() | remove_t()
@type remove_t() ::
  {Membrane.HTTPAdaptiveStream.Storages.GenServerStorage, :remove,
   %{name: String.t(), type: :manifest | :header | :segment}}
@type store_t() ::
  {Membrane.HTTPAdaptiveStream.Storages.GenServerStorage, :store,
     name: String.t(),
     contents: String.t(),
     type: :manifest | :header | :segment,
     mode: :text | :binary
@type t() :: %Membrane.HTTPAdaptiveStream.Storages.GenServerStorage{
  destination: Process.dest(),
  method: :call | :cast