View Source Membrane.MP4.MovieFragmentBox (Membrane MP4 plugin v0.22.1)

A module containing a function for assembling an MPEG-4 movie fragment box.

The movie fragment box (moof atom) is a top-level box and consists of:

  • exactly one movie fragment header (mfhd atom)

    The movie fragment header contains a sequence number that is increased for every subsequent movie fragment in order in which they occur.

  • zero or more track fragment box (traf atom)

    The track fragment box provides information related to a track fragment's presentation time, duration and physical location of its samples in the media data box.

This box is required by Common Media Application Format.

For more information about movie fragment box and its contents refer to ISO/IEC 14496-12 or to ISO/IEC 23000-19.

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@spec assemble(%{
  sequence_number: integer(),
  elapsed_time: integer(),
  timescale: integer(),
  duration: integer(),
  samples_table: [%{sample_size: integer(), sample_flags: integer()}]
}) :: Membrane.MP4.Container.t()