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This package provides an element parsing a data stream into raw (uncompressed) video frames. Documentation is available at HexDocs

It is part of Membrane Multimedia Framework.


Add the following line to your deps in mix.exs. Run mix deps.get.

	{:membrane_raw_video_parser_plugin, "~> 0.12.1"}


The pipeline below displays a sample raw video from file using Membrane raw video parser plugin and Membrane SDL plugin.

defmodule Membrane.RawVideo.Parser.Pipeline do

  use Membrane.Pipeline

  @doc """
  handle_init(_context, %{
    video_path: String.t(),
    caps: Membrane.RawVideo
  @impl true
  def handle_init(_ctx, options) do
    parser = %Membrane.RawVideo.Parser{
      framerate: options.caps.framerate,
      width: options.caps.width,
      height: options.caps.height,
      pixel_format: options.caps.pixel_format

    structure = [
      child(:file_src, %Membrane.File.Source{location: options.video_path})
      |> child(:parser, parser)
      |> child(:sdl, Membrane.SDL.Player)

    {[spec: structure, playback: :playing}], %{}}

  @impl true
  def handle_element_end_of_stream(:sdl, _pad_ref, _ctx, state) do
    {[playback: :terminating], state}

  @impl true
  def handle_element_end_of_stream(_src, _pad_ref, _ctx, state) do
    {[], state}

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