View Source Membrane.RTC.Engine.Endpoint.HLS.CustomLayoutMaker behaviour (Membrane RTC Engine v0.13.0)

Module representing function for updating video layout for the HLS stream.

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@type output_stream_format() :: resolution()
@type padding() :: non_neg_integer()
@type position() :: {pos_integer(), pos_integer()}
@type resolution() :: %{width: pos_integer(), height: pos_integer()}
@type track_no() :: non_neg_integer()

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track_stream_format(output_stream_format, track_no, padding)

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@callback track_stream_format(output_stream_format(), track_no(), padding()) ::
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track_stream_position(output_stream_format, track_no, padding)

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@callback track_stream_position(output_stream_format(), track_no(), padding()) ::