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Module representing simulcast configuration for WebRTC endpoint.

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Simulcast configuration.


Default implementation of initial_target_variant function in t/0.

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@type t() :: %Membrane.RTC.Engine.Endpoint.WebRTC.SimulcastConfig{
  enabled: boolean(),
    (Membrane.RTC.Engine.Track.t() -> Membrane.RTC.Engine.Track.variant())

Simulcast configuration.

  • enabled - whether to accept simulcast tracks or not. Setting this to false will result in rejecting all incoming simulcast tracks i.e. client will not send them.
  • initial_target_variant - function used to determine initial target variant this endpoint is willing to receive for given track. It is called for each track this endpoint subscribes for. If not provided, the highest possible variant will be used.

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@spec initial_target_variant(Membrane.RTC.Engine.Track.t()) :: :high

Default implementation of initial_target_variant function in t/0.

Returns :high, which will result in choosing the highest possible encoding.